Welcome to the Jungle

scouting the pyramids
After fleeing from the lizard people/snake things called Yan-Ti. We made our way through the valley to the other side of the pyramids were we find that a necromancer is using a sludge of golden trees to make undead of various shapes, sizes, and abilities. We wait until night and sneak in to the ground level of this pyramid. We wind our way through and find a secret hidden door to a below ground labyrinth of tunnels untouched by the snakes. After wandering for awhile we uncover a secret passage into the jungle which the snake people are unawares of. Once in the bottom of the pyramids we travel to the one which contains what we have been searching for The Hand of Midas. making our way up the inside was tedious but uneventful until we reached the main chamber. Inside the top the hand is being grasped by another hand that is unattached to a body. There are 4 elven statues 2 with bows 2 with swords but they don’t seem to move until our Demon friend made a daring charge straight for the hand with the bard in toe. Upon enter the room we are swarmed by pesky flying snakes which we easily dispatch of. The Statues come to life and start attacking. I take on the closest one which is wielding a sword of great size. Even though I gave him several tastes of my steel the statue doesn’t even acknowledge my presence. With this tactical advantage I dispatch him quickly, then disaster strikes. Once the bard and demon get close Medusas appear and start throwing bags of sticky goo at them. Once at the alter where the Hand is being kept a wave of panic passes over the gnome, the bard, and myself causing us to flee out of the room. I drop my axes and the bard looses the sack for the hand and turns in to vapor with a poof. The demon comes back with a golden sack and proclaims a success, however with great loss, the gold dwarf has been turned to stone by one of the medusas though there is only one left and wounded the others are dead.

A group of adventurers convinces some jungle races that this was in fact where they did not park their cart.

Do Elves even get that old?

Dark Clouds over ancient burial ground, no problem!

And we’re walking…
…Avoid some plants…

…cool valley, whats with the deforestation?

Look Dinosaurs, snake-men, and dwarf slaves, oh my.

Full run action towards the logging party,
Full run action towards the logging party,
Dinosaurs and fire,
Full run action away from the logging party,
Full run action away from the logging party.
Oh God oh God, don’t die.

A Very Bad Day

morning in jungle
panthers charge out of the dark
Atrior falls flat

dwarves axes strike
blood pours from wounded monsters
shapes begin to change

fiend struggles on ground
panther chewing on his face
so much for fighting

the bard fights fiercely
slashing the beast that bit him
inspiring to all

dwarf spews fiery death
roasting the beasts to a crisp
Atrior can stand

cuddly teddy bear
unable to aid in fight
Bubbles talks to him

final beast is slain
someone says “lycanthropy”
want belladonna?

resting for the night
two alone remain awake
elephant from dark

waking to the sight
of gray ghosty flesh and bone
foot smashing your face

Setting out

From the journal of Caedon Riverturn:
Day 1:
Met my fellows at the market this morning. Not much to say about them except they appear a well equipped lot… well, except the little one with the stuffed bear. I don’t really know why we let him come along, but I suppose we might need someone to toss to the halflings if they come after us.
Speaking of halflings, guard at the city gate told me that there have been a few other parties that went out ahead of us. Seems they never came back. A little unnerving, but will make for a fine bit of storytelling…
_"Bravely they set off, scattering dust across the tracks of those fools who had gone before and failed." _
…Something like that. Might take a little more work. Maybe tell this tale as a blank-verse?
Anyway, lights fading, need to wrap this up.
Learned from guards that there are three tribes living in the jungle: some crazy halflings, some treacherous elves, and some fairly reasonable dwarves. The dwarves built their city somewhere near the mountains (no shock there), so that’s the way we’ll be heading.
Note: I should probably revise the draft of yesterday to be a touch nicer to the dwarves, if we are going to be seeking help from some. Might look a bit odd in the story, that.
Not going to follow in the tracks of the previous group, the cleric thinks that’d be a bad idea. Wonder how long before he and the angry beast with wings come to blows.
Whichever way we are heading, it was a long day walking through the jungle. It’s so dark under these trees I can hardly see 30 feet most of the time.

How it all began

Caedon arrived at the hall early enough to mingle with the revelers in the great hall. Among these were a pair of dwarves who had challenged one another to a contest of gluttony, as their stout people are wont to do. Lacking in ale that was to their taste, these two shaggy men had determined to measure the length of their beards by vying to see which among them could eat the most eggs and bacon.

Soon enough our hero’s attention was ripped from the contesting dwarves by the sound of dishes clattering to the floor. A servant picked himself up from a scattering of shattered plates on the floor and fled from before the towering abomination that loomed over him. The creature stood a head taller than Caedon. Its dark skin appeared unnaturally rough and thick. An aura of cruel menace emanated from the beast, helped in no small part by the large, leathery wings folded behind its back.

Caedon shrugged off his fear and strode forward. He asked the beast what might have cause the servant to rush away in such terror. The monster looked down upon him with hunger in its fearsome eyes and growled, “I ordered it to bring me a living goat to devour.”

Before the conversation could continue, Caedon, the abomination, and the two fattening dwarves were summoned to the Maester’s chambers.

The room was richly appointed, with many a tapestry and fixtures of oiled wood. Other brave adventurers were present in that place to learn for what mysterious purpose they had been summoned. Chairs of wondrous artifice arose from floor at the bidding of a servant and most of those present settled down to await their host, though the querulous abomination attempted in vain to rip his chair from the floor.

Shortly, the Maester arrived and greeted his guests. These included the corpulent dwarves, still licking bacon grease from their beards and glowering at having their feast interrupted. These introduced themselves as Valain, a fierce warrior of his clan, and Morteran, a shaman of the draconic arts. The abomination introduced himself as (???) and demanded that the purpose of this gathering be stated soon, lest he rip the Maester asunder. Another human there was, besides our hero: a cleric of sorts, with an odd manner and a face that simply screamed “WINNING!” Caedon introduced himself as well and the Maester was about to begin speaking when he was interrupted by a tiny creature that came hopping out of the shadowy corners of the room shouting “Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!” and dragging a ragged stuffed bugbear.

The Maester nodded his head and smiled at the dimwitted creature. It quieted and he continued.

The Maester explained that he had summoned the assembled party to aid him in a quest of great import. He believed that he had learned the location of a relic of immense power: The Hand of Midas. If the brave adventurers would aid him by retrieving this relic, he would ensure that they lacked for nothing in the future. Driven by his love for adventure, Caedon stepped forward and was the first to volunteer for this exciting adventure. He was followed by the dwarf Morteran, who muttered something about “more gold than he could dream of” as he waddled forward. The others soon followed and the guild charter was drawn up.

Following the business in the Maester’s rooms the party went their separate ways. Caedon took herself to a busy square and performed the epic tale of Figward and his magic shield. On the morrow he would meet the others at the market and they would make final preparations for their journey into the wilds.


Your characters all receive a strange letter containing and invitation and travel arrangements the the Chultan peninsula. What wonders and mysteries and treasure await? You begin your journey.

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